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Discount Dermestid Beetles
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Dermestid Beetles For Sale

As a local Firefighter I take pride in the job and the service that I provide to the community, the same goes for the service that I provide to the loyal customers of Discount Dermestid Beetles. We take great pride in giving a quality product and most of all being honest and upfront with everyone. Stop boiling and ruining the quality of your skulls, make the switch to Dermestid Beetles today.

Make sure you check out all the information on the site. There are videos and pictures in the Beginner's Corner. Feel Free to call or email with any questions. Please leave a message for sometimes I am caught up with work. Thanks

All of my Dermestid Beetle colonies are 100% healthy
and I guarantee no other mites or insects in my beetles. Be cautious from ordering beetles from other people that may not guarantee their product. We operate a licensed taxidermy shop that only specializes in European Mounts, so we know how important quality beetles are.

In each order you will receive a mix of adults, larvae, pupa, and eggs in your container. Each order is shipped in frass, which is bedding type material

All beetles are shipped with priority shipping with USPS and we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. By shipping on these days it prevents your beetles from sitting in a substation over the weekend.

We have sold thousands of beetles and shipped throughout all times of the year. We have learned how to package properly to ensure quality arrival of your beetles.

We have frequent repeat buyers and are focused on giving a quality product. ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING USPS PRIORITY MAIL, express shipping, and next day available for additional charge.

       Please email us or call when you buy the beetles. So we can keep in contact and I can give you a tracking number from USPS. Beetles can not be left outside during the winter months.

                                                             5,000+ Beetles $385                                                            


                                                            2,500+  Beetles - $225

                                                           1,000+ Beetles - $110

                                    500+ Beetles - $65

The "Trophy Hanger"

I have been in the skull cleaning business for close to 10 years and over the past couple years have designed a European Skull Mount Hanger that is strong, eye catching, and affordable. As a hardworking man myself, I found it hard to pay upwards of $30 for a metal hanger to display my skulls on, so my partner and I developed the
"Trophy Hanger".

Our current design is Patent Pending and features the following:

Water-Jet laser cut 3mm steel

Durable Powder Coated finish

Sleek Broadhead Design

This product displays the skull at a 45 Degree angle away from the way and does not require any modification to the skull. It can handle animals such as Deer, Antelope, Boar, Bear, and Javelina.

1 Hanger (Free Shipping) $15

5 Hangers (Free Shipping) $70

10 Hangers (Free Shipping) $130


There are two ways to pay: PayPal and Cashiers Check

PayPal address is:

If you have any questions feel free to call me and I would be happy to answer them. Please Leave a Message if I don't answer, I will call you right back.

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